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If there’s one thing most every work of fiction depicting a grim, dark future agrees on, it’s that sports where people die and things get blown up will become extremely popular to our blood-lusting future generations. World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks agrees with this scenario, as we find a post-apocalyptic America where the most popular pastime is enjoying the subtle beauty of an all-out tank battle. In the World Destruction League, the best tank pilots can find the prime opportunity for fame and fortune. The average pilots, however, will find nothing but the wrong end of some heavy firepower. These pilots tend to not last too long.<br><br>In World Destruction League, players take the role of one of 12 different pilots, each with a tank that possesses different attributes and weapons. They compete in contests of skill and mayhem, going up against either each other or computer-controlled opponents in an attempt to climb the ranks of the World Destruction League and take on its reigning champion, Gorda “The Fat.”<br><br>The game takes place in various arenas placed around the United States. These arenas are littered with all manner of traps and tricks just waiting for players to get caught up in them. Beam weapons, missiles and other goodies await impatient or lost drivers, as well as an assortment of drone tanks piloted by the computer. But they aren’t the primary concern of wary drivers, as one or more of the other twelve competitors will be facing off against the players as well.<br><br>Each of the 12 tanks has a unique primary weapon, but that isn’t the only firepower available to the combatants. The arenas are littered with power-ups and high-caliber weapons, including conventional items such as mines, missiles, and grenades, and some of the unconventional, like artillery and satellite strikes. Getting to the good weapons and using them effectively is a major key to the game.<br><br>But if tournament action isn’t your cup of tea, the WDL has several single and multi-player variations for short term consumption. Up to four players can compete in these games. They range from deathmatch to Capture the Flag and Capture the Base variations.

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Sony PlayStation 2

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WORLD Destruction League: Thunder Tanks
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Animated Violence
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Choose one of 12 battle tanks and compete in 20 futuristic arenas across the globe Grab power-ups to outfit your tank with mines, missiles, grenades, and more Supports up to four players in a variety of competitive and coopera


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