Frequently Asked Questions

Although this is not an option, if you call me we maybe able to make arrangements.

Yes. You can order, pay via PayPal and we will ship the item directly to you.

Yes we have some items listed on both our website and ebay. Usually on ebay it will be auctioned off and what ever it goes for it will sell for. Then it will be deleted from our site. If it sells for a fixed price from our website it then will be deleted from ebay. Sometimes you can get a better deal by bidding on the item through ebay.

Free Shipping is only for any of our items that can be shipped. If it is a "pickup only" item. Give me a call for questions or to make arrangements.

We will ship most items out First Class shipping via USPS. But depending on the item and weight we may have to ship some items using the most economical possibilities.

Yes, which ever site you finalize the purchase through will be the site that you complete payment through.

We will contact you within a few hours and then we can make arrangements. Feel free to call me directly.

That's everything on our site. We charge nothing to ship any item to you.

Everything on Monkiey.com except for items that are to large to be shipped and must be picked up and paid with Cash.