Amazon VS Ebay

Amazon VS Ebay

As a Consumer which do you prefer? If you sell online which one is most profitable?


As established brands, most online shoppers are familiar with eBay and Amazon. Still, there was a period, around 10 years ago, when the question of “Where should I sell – eBay or Amazon?” wouldn’t even have been considered.

Why? Well, because quite honestly, eBay would probably have won, hands-down at that time! For years, eBay was the most recognized place to sell online.

This was not only for second-hand goods, which is where it all started, but it was the perfect starting point for small businesses who wanted to launch quickly, with minimal start-up costs and a ready-made, devoted audience, accessible 24/7.

Then Amazon, initially known only for being the place to go for books, videos, computer software and CDs began diversifying further until the present day. They now stock products from A to Z as their logo suggests!

What’s the Difference Between eBay and Amazon?

First things first! Let’s look at the main differences between eBay and Amazon. Unlike Amazon, eBay facilitates only third-party sellers. In other words, eBay does not have its own products.

Products from individual sellers or businesses are listed through either the auction format or fixed-price format, so the good news is, you will never compete with eBay themselves as they simply provide the marketplace!

Amazon does include third party merchants, often private label sellers, alongside the sale of products from their own range – Amazon Essentials, which you may find yourself competing with.

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